Volt Meters

Product Announcement from Global Digital Instruments LLC

Volt Meters -Image

SenDEC LED Volt meters were developed to fill the need for a modern, high quality, super rugged DC Volt meter at an economical price. These solid state meters display the equipment's DC voltage level using a 10 segment LED bar graph display. Each bar represents 1 volt and corresponds to the printed voltage on the meter face. Models may be ordered for 12, 24, 36, or 48 volt DC systems. SenDEC modern LED Volt meters are 100% epoxy encapsulated for superb environmental durability and far exceed outdated analog meters.

SenDEC LED Flash Alert™ is a favorite OEM option. The LED Flash Alert™ warns the user that the equipment voltage is approaching a critical voltage range. Under voltage and over voltage can be damaging to the equipment, the electrical system, or battery. The voltages at which the LED bars Flash are OEM specified and can be tailored to the specific application.
A lockout option for under/over voltage conditions is also available upon request.