ELDS™ 1000 Hydrogen Sulfide

Product Announcement from Senscient Inc.

ELDS™ 1000 Hydrogen Sulfide-Image

ELDS™ is a new open path gas detection (OPGD) system from Senscient Inc, based on innovative Enhanced Laser Diode Spectroscopy™ (ELDS) detection technology. ELDS™ OPGD systems provide many unique and attractive features designed to fulfill the promise of truly fit-and-forget open path gas detection.

Detects both toxic & flammable gases for up to 80% reduction in comprehensive gas detection project costs with true Fit-&-Forget functionality. FIRST and ONLY Toxic open path system to meet current industry Safety Performance Standards. FIRST and ONLY gas detector with Simu-Gas, an electronic, remote functionality check. 3 orders of magnitude greater sensitivity for combustible gases versus conventional OP systems. Perfect for detection of hazardous gases in critical applications. Backed by a network of industry-leading gas detection solutions providers. Proven technology, tested to meet oil and gas industry safety standards.

ELDS™ 1000 Series Features / Benefits:

  • Reliable, open path detection of hydrogen sulfide at levels low enough to protect personnel from the toxic hazard.
  • Faster response than any other hydrogen sulfide detection technology.
  • No need to replace or re-calibrate sensors.
  • True ease-of-installation, with vibration and misalignment tolerant optics.
  • SimuGas™ feature provides ability to accomplish on-demand, remote functionality testing right from the control room or PLC!

Offshore Platforms, FPSO's, Onshore Petrochemical facilities and Refineries.

Theory of Operation:
Using a separate transmitter and receiver configuration, ELDS™ 1000 Series OPGD systems can detect and measure hydrogen sulfide over distances between 5 and 40 m. The ELDS technique measures the Harmonic Fingerprint™ introduced onto the transmitter's laser beam(s) by absorption by any target gas in the monitored path.