Digital Radiography System

Product Announcement from Sentinel

Digital Radiography System-Image

SENTINEL™Vision HR Digital Radiography System

With the SENTINEL™Vision HR Digital Radiography System you get state-of-the art imaging quality in a portable, durable and affordable package. Specifically designed for inspections both in the field and in the lab, SENTINEL™Vision HR is a computed radiography system that uses flexible phosphor imaging plates instead of film to create high resolution images. Its rugged portability makes it ideal to use in field conditions, and the battery option allows uninterrupted operation when reliable power is not available. The compact size and light weight of the SENTINEL™Vision HR system enable it to be deployed in any type of transport, including helicopters. From profiling to weld quality, from x-ray to isotopes, from short to long imaging plates, the SENTINEL™Vision HR does it all.

Advanced Scanner Features

  • 14 micron laser spot size
  • 20 lp/mm capability
  • Full 16 bit images
  • Patented high-intensity eraser
  • Internal battery
  • Scans multiple plates simultaneously
  • Optional plate guides and supports
  • Weighs only 44 lbs with battery

Advanced Software Features

  • Simple icon driven operation
  • Intuitive image classification database
  • Original image is never compromised
  • Brightness, contrast and gamma adjustment
  • Image flip, rotate and zoom
  • One-touch filters and presets
  • Histogram optimization tools
  • Roving magnifying glass
  • Line, area and angle measurement
  • Advanced pipe wall thickness measurement tool
  • Text and region of interest annotation