Stationary X-Ray System

Product Announcement from Sentinel

Stationary X-Ray System-Image

BALTOGRAPH Series-XSD Generators

The BALTOGRAPH system is comprised of an x-ray generator, an LS1 control unit, and a TSD or TSC tubehead. The XSD x-ray generators are 19" racks, built around a sealed, oil and gas free, solid stage voltage multiplier. Surface Mount Device (SMD)electronics are used to minimize connections and reduce servicing time, size and weight.

The XSD x-ray generator is a high frequency constant potential stationary digital x-ray generator. Monopolar and Bipolar generators are available with maximum capacities of 160 to 450kV. The monopolar generator can achieve a maximum capacity of 225kV, while maintaining the flexibility to be a fixed or mobile installation. The bipolar generator can reach 450kV by combining two of the monopolar racks.