FS6122 Bi-Directional Medical Respiratory Sensor

Featured Product from Servoflo Corporation

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The FS6122 is a medical respiratory sensor to measure from -250 to +250 SLPM with a linear analog output or I2C output.  A gauge pressure sensor is integrated into the FS6122 with a range of -5 to +40 cc H2O with a linear analog or I2C output. NEW - optional humidity and temperature sensors now available to be included inside the FS6122.


  • Mass flow ranges from -250 to +250 SLPM 
  • Pressure sensor integrated into package
  • Typical response time of 5 ms
  • Low power consumption
  • Power supply of 5 VDC
  • Optional inclusion of a humidity and temperature sensor
  • Save space in your design with integrated sensing in one package!

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