New 313X SSIC's for Resistive Bridge Sensors

Product Announcement from Servoflo Corporation

New 313X SSIC's for Resistive Bridge Sensors-Image

Announcing 4 new sensor signal conditioning IC's from ZMDI. The 313X Series is a family of CMOS integrated circuits for industrial and automotive applications. These sensor signal conditioning IC's can be used with nearly all types of resistive bridge sensors. A family approach allows for the best fitting selection for a cost-optimized application.

Available in RoHS-compliance JEDEC SSOP14 package or as die. Evaluation kits, application notes and mass calibration systems are available.

All parts are AEC-Q100 qualified.

The new parts include:

  • ZSSC3131 for cost-optimized switch applications
  • ZSSC3135 for piezoresistive bridge sensors
  • ZSSC3136 for safety switch applications
  • ZSSC3138 for ceramic sensor applications