Sensor Signal Conditioner IC ZSSC3026

Product Announcement from Servoflo Corporation

ZSSC3026 is a sensor signal conditioner integrated circuit for high accuracy amplification and analog-to-digital conversion of a differential input signal. Designed for high resolution altimeter module applications, the ZSSC3026 can perform offset, span and 1st and 2nd order temperature compensation of the measured signal. Developed for correction of resistive bridge sensors, it can also provide a corrected temperature output measured with an internal sensor.


  • Flexible programming analog front-end concept; up to 16-bit scalable, charge-balancing two segment ADC
  • Fully programmable gain amplifier accepting sensor signals from 14 to 72 (linear factor)
  • Internal auto-compensated temperature sensor
  • Digital compensation of individual sensor offset; 1st and 2nd order sensor gain.
  • Intelligent power management unit
  • Layout customized for die-die bonding with sensor
  • Accuracy: ±0.10% FSO @ -40 to 110°C


  • Integrated 18-bit calibration math DSP
  • Fully corrected signal at digital output
  • Minimize calibration costs through the one-pass calibration concept
  • No external trimming components required
  • Highly integrated, low cost CMOS design
  • Excellent for low voltage and low power battery applications

Typical Uses

The ZSSC3026 is designed for operation in calibrated resistive (pressure) sensor modules:

  • Barometric altitude measurement for portable navigation
  • Altitude measurement for emergency call systems
  • Altitude measurement for car navigation
  • Inside hard disk pressure measurement
  • Weather forecast