Free-Fall Metal Detector and Separator

Featured Product from Sesotec GmbH

The RAPID PRO-SENSE metal separator primarily is used for quality inspection (product purity) in the production and compounding of plastic granulate, where it typically is installed directly before the material is filled in bigbags, octabins, or silos. The metal separator also is used for quality inspection in the incoming goods department of plastic-processing plants (product purity, machine protection).

Regardless of whether they come as pieces or powder, are fine or coarse, bulk goods are found everywhere you look in the world of industry. Our metal detection systems for free-fall applications help you achieve the best results in quality assurance, the inspection of incoming goods and the protection of machinery, and they do so for the entire spectrum of hygienic requirements, from low to the very highest.


  • Accurate inline detection and separation of magnetic and non-magnetic metal contaminations, even if such contaminations are enclosed in the product
  • Accurate and reliable metal detection for quality inspection in plastics and compound production
  • Protects against customer complaints
  • Protects processing machines and moulds against damage and choking, reduces production downtimes
  • Offers a rapid return on investment