E-bike lithium battery HET-36V-10Ah

Featured Product from Shandong Goldencell Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Summary: Type of cells:LiFePO4; safe,environment-friendly,ultra-cyclelife, excellent charging-discharging performance.


  • 1,Long cycle life: more than 80% capacity remain after 1500cycles;
  • 2,Ultra-safety: No burning and explosion ,even the battery is misused or its interior and exterior are damaged;
  • 3,quick charging and discharging with a large current;
  • 4,good performance at high temperature, with wide operation temperature:-20°C--75°C
  • 5,small size and light weight;
  • 6,No memory effect: can be charged or discharged in any state, without charging after full-discharging;
  • 7,Environment-friendly: does not contain any heavy metals and rare metals, non-toxic, pollution-free. RoHS compliant,


  • · Model:HET-36-10LEV
  • · Type:LiFePO4
  • · Nominal volt:36V
  • · Rated capacity:10Ah
  • · Cycle-life:more than 1500times
  • · current Size:110*75*420mm