LiFePO4 18650-3.2V Lithium Battery

Featured Product from Shandong Goldencell Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.


Safety, high capacity, long service life and wide temperature range;


Energy storage power station, communication base station, UPS backup power supply, solar wind power generation, electric bus, ship, yacht, rail transit, electric motorcycle, golf cart, golf charter, medical equipment.

        Project                            Parameter

  • Nominal capacity:   1800mAh(0.2C)
  • Capacity range :   ≥ 1750mAh(0.2C)
  • Voltage:   3.2V
  • Energy Density:   139Wh/kg
  • AC internal resistance:   ≤40mΩ
  • Battery weight:   41.5g (about)
  • Charging condition:   0.5C constant current to 3.65V, constant voltage to 18mAh
  • Maximum charging current:   1.8A
  • Discharge cutoff voltage:   2.5V
  • Standard continuous discharge current:   0.9A
  • Fast continuous discharge current:   1.8A
  • Maximum sustained discharge current:   5.4A (single battery)
  • Pulse discharge current:   10A,5s
  • Cyclic performance
  • (1C charge 1C discharge cycle capacity retention rate 80%)   2000 times(100%DOD): 4000 times(80%DOD); 7000 times(50%DOD)
  • Operating temperature Charging0°C55°C
  • Discharge-20°C60°C
  • Storage temperature -20°C55°C(<3 months)