LiFePO4 3.2V/115Ah Battery

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The first-class production equipment is being used in lithium power battery pack assembly line that produces several series of 18650, 26650 lithium battery.The capacity of Heter is 5 million Ah per month. The production can be widely used in UPS, EVS electric cars power tools, instruments, etc. Due to stable quality and superior performance, it is an ideal green power energy.

HETER -3.2V/100AH Battery

Size: 125 *75*252 (mm)


  • Cell assembled mode 32P1S-26650
  • Typical Capacity 100Ah@0.2C,25?
  • Minimum Capacity 98Ah@0.2C,25?
  • Nominal Voltage 3.2 V
  • Charging Ending Voltage 3.65±0.1 V
  • Discharge Ending Voltage 2.0±0.1 V
  • Standard Charging Current 20A
  • Standard Discharge Current 20A
  • MAX Discharge Current 100A
  • Internal Resistance <2.5mΩ
  • Weight 3.45±0.2kg

Vibration test

  • Pack installed onto the vibration desk with clamps. Equipment parameters are as follows:
  • a: direction: up and down single vibration
  • b: frequency: 10?55Hz
  • c: max acceleration: 30m/s2
  • d: amplitude: 0.38mm
  • e: time: 2 hours.
  • During the test , Nickel film without shedding ,no scratch, the voltage is OK.