LiFePO4 Rechargeable Battery Pack48V 215Ah

Featured Product from Shandong Goldencell Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

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Long cycle life, Ultra-safety,Quick charging and discharging with a large current,Good performance at high and low temperature, no memory effect,environment-friendly


  • 1.Pack assembled mode  1P16S-215Ah
  • 2.Typical Capacity 215Ah(0.2C(25))
  • 3.Minimum Capacity 210Ah(0.2C(25))
  • 4.Nominal Voltage 48 V
  • 5.Charging Ending Voltage 58.4±0.1 V
  • 6.Discharge Ending Voltage 40.0±0.1 V
  • 7.Standard Cont.Charging Current 25A
  • 8.Standard Cont.Discharge Current 25A
  • 9.Fast Cont.Discharge Current 50A
  • 10.MAX Cont.Discharge Current 100A
  • 11.Peak Current 400A<1S
  • 12.Internal Resistance<50m
  • 13.Weight135±2kg