Lithium battery 12V30Ah

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Nominal voltage 12V  
Typical capacity 30Ah At 0.2C discharge rate
Minimum capacity 28Ah  
Size(L*W*H) 174*173*113mm  
Weight 4.2±0.2Kg  
Operating current 30A  
Most continuous discharge current 40A 20min
  50A 10min
  60A 5min
  80A 2min
  100A 10S
  160A 4S
  180A 4S
  200A 4S
Over current protection 500±50A 5-20ms
Discharge cut-off voltage 10V Over discharge protection (recommended value) 9.6-10V
Charge voltage 14.6±0.1V Charge mode: CC/CV
Charge current 6A 30A(Max)
Inner resistance ≤35 mΩ Between positive and negative polar of discharge port
Operation temperature range Charge:




Storage temperature range

0°C~40°C at half charged state

Recommended long-term storage temperature is 15~25°C
Storage environment humidity RH: 65±20%  
Environment humidity ≤85%RH