SuperCapacitors 5.5V 1F/ 5.5V 4F

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Super capacitor:also known as electrochemical capacitor, is a new energy-storage component with farad capacity, whose capacity is between conventional capacitor and battery.

High-power density 0.5-10.0 kW/kg, High-energy density 1-10 Wh/kg


  • Capacitances in farad level, small size, low ESR, fast charging and discharging.
  • High discharge current up to 1000C.
  • Long life time of more than 100,000times
  • Maintenance-free operation
  • Environment-friendly, RoHS compliant.


  • Portable equipment
  • Data memory storage system
  • Emergency back-up power supply,military applications etc.rapid, continuous starting, to extend the battery life
  • Dual-driven electric vehicle,HEV,electric vehicle,auxiliary power supply of fuel cell vehicle

Apply to advertising machine, bicycle lamps, smart meters, remote meter reading systems, digital photo frame, hand-cranked flashlight, smart meter, audio, clock chips, video games, voice IC, LED light-emitting device, a small UPS power supply, instrumentation, gas meters, water meters, solar warning lights, navigation lights and other solar products, smart meter digital camera, MP3, MP4, electronic timer, digital temperature controller, PLC equipment, electronic access control systems, program-controlled switches, tax control machine and cordless phone etc.


1 SuperCapacitors 5.5V 1F

  • Rated voltage(V) :   5.5V
  • Rated discharge capacitance :   1.0F
  • Capacitance tolerance :   -20%~+80%
  • Max. work voltage  :   6.0V
  • Nominal impedance  :   AC Imp 25Ω DC Imp 40Ω
  • Work temperature range  :   -25-70°C
  • Storage temperature range :   -40- 85°C
  • weight:3.2±0.2g
  • Size(ΦD*L)(mm):  18.8*4.7

2 SuperCapacitors 5.5V 4F

  • Rated voltage(V):  5.5V
  • Rated discharge capacitance :  4F
  • Capacitance tolerance:  20%~+80%
  • Max. work voltage :  6.0V
  • Nominal impedance AC Imp 16Ω  DC Imp 25Ω
  • Work temperature range:  -25~70°C
  • Storage temperature range :  40~85°C
  • weight:7.0±0.2g
  • Size(ΦD*L)(mm) :  24.7*6.7


passed testing of ISO9001:2000, SGS, CE and RoHS.

OEM/ODM is welcome.