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Custom Objective Lenses

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An objective lens is the most important part of a microscope and plays a central role in imaging an object onto the human eye or an image sensor for discerning the object’s detail. Microscope objectives are ideal for a range of science research, industrial, and general lab applications. Microscope objectives are typically composed of multiple lens elements and located closest to the object. Microscope objectives include infinite conjugate (infinite corrected) and finite conjugate, and these lenses are available in a range of magnifications from 2X to 200X.

There are many types of microscope objectives for covering a wide variety of applications. The most basic and least expensive objectives, like you might find in a school science classroom, are achromatic objectives. Apochromatic objectives, on the other hand, provide a professional-grade level for aberration correction and feature comparatively high resolution. Most microscopes are equipped with multiple objectives with different magnifications, so specimens or samples can be examined with sufficient resolution.

Microscope objectives are widely used in all sorts of applications including medical, scientific research, and industrial fields.

Shanghai Optics offers a wide range selection of Standard Objective Lenses with magnification from 2× NA 0.1 to 100× NA 1.25. We also design and produce Custom Objective Lenses in house with various optical performance (including diffraction limited performance) and long working distance for UV, visible, and NIR applications.

Check out this quick introduction video to microscope objectives: https://youtu.be/5jXT0LU1dUQ?si=K_PVQG45GNH1Gz-c.

And this video about how to choose the right microscope objective for your appplication: https://youtu.be/rYywmvmocyU?si=rQYqOMWsJUs9HdHe.