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Medical Device Optics

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For more information about medical device optics from Shanghai Optics, please visit: https://www.shanghai-optics.com/design/medical-device-optics.


Medical device optics play a key role in every type of medical technology, from diagnostics to treatment to cutting-edge research. At Shanghai Optics, we manufacture precision optical components for medical device development as well as a wide range of optical systems for medical and life sciences applications.

Optical devices for medical applications include optical components for medical imagery, medical laser, and other optic and photonics equipment. The medical arena has unique challenges and specifications. When it comes to optical components, reliable performance, and close tolerances are a must.  Advances in nanotechnology, medical imagery, and photonics technologies have pushed the envelope when it comes to both therapeutic and diagnostic medical optics. We are proud to be working on the frontier of optical development in the design and manufacturing of precision medical optics design, medical device optics, and medical device assembly.

Medical Device Optics at Shanghai Optics

Our engineering team has extensive experience with medical device development, and a full range of in-house manufacturing and metrology equipment that enables us to create almost any optical components you might need. If you require a more complex optical system for your medical device our experienced team would be honored to work with you to bring your designs to life. Contact us to discuss your specific needs for design and manufacturing of optical devices for life sciences, or to schedule a free introductory consult.