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Microlens Array

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Applications of Microlens Arrays

Microlens arrays are the engineering equivalent to natural compound eyes: they provide large field of view angles, high temporal resolution, low aberration and distortion and infinite depth of field. These properties make them an ideal design component in 3D imaging. They can be used, with a variety of light emitters, to homogenize light, and are especially useful for optical applications that require non-Gaussian uniformity and high efficiency.

In a digital projector, microlens arrays can be used to focus light on to the active area of the LCD to generate the image which will be projected. A novel design for a LED pico-projector involves using a special array of 45 microlenses aligned on the display coverglass.  The use of a microlens array in this projector design allows the projector to be highly compact and  robust while still being capable of producing bright, crisp imagery.