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RFID Reader

Featured Product from Shanghai Yuanben Magnetoelectric Tech. Co., Ltd.

RFID Reader-Image

YUANBEN’s RFID reader is a low-cost solution to read RFID tags. The built-in automatic tuning circuit regulates circuit parameters to cope with different working environments, increasing its anti-interference capability. The RFID reader is designed with an anti-collision function, high signal receiving sensitivity, stable performance, excellent reliability and excellent adaptability to customer requirements. Users can read passive RFID tags and receive information through the RS232 serial communication interface and don’t need to understand complex communication protocols.

RFID readers are widely used in applications involving AGV for reading RFID tags on work stations and automatic component information collection in production lines. This RFID tag reader supports RS-485 or TCP/IP communication interface.

  • High sensitivity
  • High stability
  • Anti-collision and anti-interference
  • Non-contacting detection. Conform to Standard IEC18000-3
  • Support ISO/IEC protocol standard tag reading.
  • RS232 serial communication interface, baud rate 9600bps; also support USB2.0 (Optional)
  • Fast reading time, read rate less than 25ms/time
  • Typical operating distance 75-80mm.
  • Auto check for presence of tag and output information.
  • Engineering plastics, strong structure, easy to use, suitable for use in industrial environment.
  • Anti-collision function facilitates identification of tag.
  • Built in RFID antenna
Technical Parameters
Parameter Model Low frequency High frequency
Produce Code RF-1110-113 RF-1232-114
Operating Frequency 125KHz / 134.2KHz 13.56MHz
Support protocol ISO11785 ISO15693
Reading Distance(max) 80- 90mm 70-80mm
Communication interface RS232 RS232,USB2.0,RS485,TCP/IP (Optional)
Signal Indication 2LED (Red and green) 4 LED (Red and green)
Power supply 9-30VDC 9-30VDC
Read Time < 30ms < 25ms
Housing Color Yellow and black (antenna near the black housing) Blue and black (antenna near the black housing)
Dimension 80mm*80mm*40.5mm 80mm*80mm*40.5mm
Protection Class IP65 IP65
Antenna Coils Coils
Housing Material PBT PBT
Operating Temperature -20°C ~ +70°C  -20°C  — +70°C 
Storage Temperature -30°C  ~ +85°C  -30°C  — +85°C 
Working Humidity 10-90% 10-90%
  • RFID tags for tracking containers, packages, boxes and cargo in logistics.
  • Secure access and fast data collection applications in intelligent parking lots.
  • AGV unmanned station label management system of electronic tag reading.