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Level Switch -- LSB-071

Featured Product from Shanghai Yuanben Magnetoelectric Tech. Co., Ltd.

Level Switch -- LSB-071-Image

1. Description

LS level switch is consisting of a magnetic float, unit stem with magnetic reed switch, the magnetic float moves with liquid level to actuate a hermetically sealed magnetic switch within the unit stem. The level switches usually used for high or low alarm vessels. Since technologies of the product have more and more advance, the products need comply with a requirement for more safe, convenient and low cost.

2. Features and Applications

1. Safe control; 
2. Small size, reliable and stable; 
3. Easy installation and adjustment; 
4. Long service life, explosion proof and anti-corrosion.
1. Float level switch are used in civil building, waste water treatment, water purification industry for level measurement of oil, water, waste water, acid, alkali medium.
2. Float level switch are widely used in household appliance, such as automatic washing machine, water dispenser, boiler, etc for level monitor.
3. Float level switch are used as telecommunication control unit for liquid level control in automobile industry and industrial equipment.
4. Float level switches can also be used in steel rolling plant, agricultural equipment, refrigeration plant, medical treatment and water treatment, etc. 
3. Technical Parameters
Mounting Attitude:Vertical
Connection Type:G1/8”
Switch Mode:Normally closed
Action Point:?80±3mm?120±3mm?
Float Ball No.:F2828
Stem Material:SUS304
Float Ball Material:SUS304 /SUS316
Operating Voltage:250Vac,200Vdc
Contact Resistance:?150mΩ(Max)?150mΩ(Max)
Contact Power:50W
Vessel Pressure:1.8Mpa
Operating Temperature:-20~125°C
Specific Gravity:0.65g/cm3
Mounting Attitude:Vertical±20°
Protection Grade:IP55
Shock Proof:30G Min
Vibration Proof:33Hz?2500Hz
Product Certified:EX, CQC,CE
Duration of Cycle:1,000,000 Times