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potentail condensate sensor-FSF-101

Featured Product from Shanghai Yuanben Magnetoelectric Tech. Co., Ltd.

potentail condensate sensor-FSF-101-Image

FSF-101 Plastic Flow Switches with Float Ball, This switches is used for low pressure, low fluid speed water system,  such as potentail condensate drain overflow conditions, dectect thin film water. the switches is made of switches house, float ball and stem of mounting in the pipe. When the pipe flow is flow the switches house, the float ball rise or down with the pipe liquid level and the reed switches open or close, and putout the switches signal if the pipe liquid flow is up or down.


  • Liquid Media:Water or oil
  • System Pressure :≤5Kpa
  • Liquid Temperature:≤80 Degree C
  • Working Voltage:10~36V DC,90~250V AC
  • Working Current:500mA,1000mA
  • Ambient temperature:-20~+65degree C
  • Humidity:≤85%
  • Dimension of pipe:15~20 mm
  • Setting alarm flow:0.25~1 L/min
  • The difference of setting flow:7%
  • Mounting Threads:FNPT3/4"
  • Dimensions:75mm*35mm*65mm

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