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Flow Sensor---FST-007B

Featured Product from Shanghai Yuanben Magnetoelectric Tech. Co., Ltd.

Flow Sensor---FST-007B-Image


FST-007 series flow sensor is the Turbine wheel flow sensor, developed and manufactured by Yuanben, which is used to start small flow rate system. It can work under wide range power voltage and with small pressure loss.

Features and Applications


  1. Small working flow rate, wide measuring flow range 1~20L/min 
  2. Small pressure loss, high accuracy;
  3. Pulse digital signal output;
  4. Brass housing, applicable for high liquid pressure system 3.0MPa Max 


It can be used for water heater, wall-hanging stove (Gas boiler), water dispenser, steaming plant, water treatment equipment, cooling water system, etc.

Technical Parameters

Electrical Connection          HX25025-3A connecting  terminal or client required

Operating Voltage DC5V

Operating Current              0.5mA

Signal Output                   Duty ratio50%±10% Pulse signal output

Insulation resistance between    Min. resistance value 100M Ω DC 500V 

terminal and housing

Electrical duration              2 Years

Working water flow rate (min) 1 L/Min

Working water pressure (min) 0.1 MPa

measuring range and accuracy 2-20 L/Min±10%

Temp. Range                  -10°C ~ +105°C

Liquid                      water clean 

Max. Pressure              1 MPa,Max

Flow rating Q & Frequency Hz Hz=6*Q-1 Frequency=6* flow rating-1 

Product Dimension

The sensors end threads are NPTF1/2”, and can connected with 3/8” or 1/2” fast port and matched flexible pipe. It can also be customized according to client requirements.