Hall-effect rotary angle displace sensor

Featured Product from Shanghai Yuanben Magnetoelectric Tech. Co., Ltd.

Hall-effect rotary angle displace sensor-Image

RADS Series Hall-effect rotary angle displace sensors provide non-contact sensing in harsh transportation and industrial applications at a competitive cost. Multiple operating ranges from 60° to 360° are tolerant to over-travel and allow for usage in most common applications. Low voltage and high voltage versions cover an input voltage range of 4.5 Vdc to 30 Vdc.

  • True, non-contact operation
  • unlimited rotation (RAS Series)
  • Solid-state Hall-effect technology
  • Rugged IP69K-sealed package with integral connector
  • Automotive-grade EMI/EMC testing, integrated reverse polarity, and short circuit protection
  • Industry-standard AMP termination, 32 mm mounting pitch, North American or European pin-out styles, and compact package
  • Multi operating ranges up to 360°


  • Position and movement detection (pedals, throttles, gear shift, levers, steering, linkages, and hitches in trucks, buses, off-road vehicles, cranes, and industrial/ construction/agricultural vehicles and equipment)
  • Suspension/kneeling position (buses, trucks)
  • Tilt/trim position (boat engines, tilling equipment)


  • Valve control
  • HVAC damper control
  • Irrigation equipment pivot control
Electrical Parameters
Characteristic RADS series (Low Voltage)
Supply voltage 5 ±0.5 Vdc
Supply current: Normal 20 mA max.
during output to ground short 25 mA max.
Output: standard 0.5 Vdc to 4.5 Vdc Ratio-metric
inverted 4.5 Vdc to 0.5 Vdc Ratio-metric
Output signal delay 4 ms typ.
Reverse polarity protection -10 Vdc
Overvoltage protection 10 Vdc
Output to ground short circuit continuous
Resolution 12 bit
Output load resistance (pull down to ground) 10 kOhm typ.
EMI: radiated immunity 100 V/m per ISO11452-2 from 200 MHz to 1000 MHz
EMI: conducted immunity 100 mA BCI per ISO11452-4? from 1 MHz to 200 MHz
Mechanical Parameters
Characteristic RADS Series (Low Voltage)
Expected Life infinite rotation
Air gap: bare magnet actuator 3,00 mm ±0.5 mm [0.12 in ±0.02 in]
Air gap: housed magnet actuator 2,00 mm ±0.5 mm [0.08 in ±0.02 in]
misalignment 2.002,00 mm [0.08 in] max.
Magnet NdFeB
Sensor Housing PBT plastic
Housed Magnet over-mold sensor PPS plastic
Housed Magnet Bushing Sensor bushing brass
Mating Connector AMP Super-seal 282087-1
Mechanical End Stop no
Mounting screw sizes: sensor to mounting surface non-magnetic, stainless steel M4 X 0.7 screws and 8 mm [0.31 in] OD washers
Housed magnet actuator to actuator mounting shaft non-magnetic, stainless steel M3 X 0.5 plain cup point set screws
Approvals CE