High Frequency RFID reader and writer For AGV

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RF-2210-117 is a 13.56MHz high-frequency RFID reader, is a non-contact reader, which automatically read through passive radio frequency tags passive tags, and access to label address and other related data, in a variety of harsh environments jobs. RFID reader in the high-speed movement, can quickly read and write tags, quick and easy operation, with the use of simple, stable and reliable performance, mainly used in intelligent parking, AGV unmanned truck site tags and management system electronic tag reading and writing.


Products feature and application


  Comply with ISO/IEC15693 Protocol

  Through RS232, RS485 serial interface and PC / PLC / single-chip data communications

  40ms each time with low power consumption, high sensitivity, reading speed of 40ms once

  It can read, write, lock and so on to the electronic label many data blocks

  Wide read and write area, AGV car offset ± 15cm, can identify the label to prevent leakage reading.

  Using IP65 industrial protection class, to meet the demanding industrial environment application requirements



Mainly used in the production line management, AGV trucks and forklift positioning and other harsh industrial environment


Product Parameters

working frequency         13.56MHz

Protocol               ISO/IEC 15693

Read distance             8cm(RF-3234-118 Test)

Read rate                 40ms

Radio frequency power     250mW

Communication Interface RS232 RS485 Optional 

Way of working         Active, response

Signal indication         buzzer

Operating Voltage         DC9-12V

Working current         350mA

Installation requirements 4-Φ6mm mounting holes

Wiring protection         Reserved 90cm wiring

Color                 Black

Dimension             215*134*43mm

Weight                 600g

Material                 ABS

Accessories             RS232 serial cable, power adapter

Operating temperature    -20°C ~ +70°C

Storage temperature     -30°C ~ +85°C

Working humidity          95%