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Level and Temperature Compound Sensor

Featured Product from Shanghai Yuanben Magnetoelectric Tech. Co., Ltd.

Level and Temperature Compound Sensor-Image

The level regulator type NR 1/2”,3/4”,M20,M24-EExi for tank insert is a solenoid switch, operating without contact with the function of monitoring and regulating liquid levels and temperatures.
The switching tube contains bistable protective gas contacts, fixed in position. For fixed contacts, the contact intervals and their function must be agiven.
The permanent magnet, built into the float, switches the contacts when the level changes. The switching difference (hysteresis) is 4mm. For temperature monitoring and regulation, thermal elements such as thermal contacts can be additionally incorporated.
The level regulator is maintenance-free for nondeposit media.
The device has to be installed by specialists only.
Max. visconsity ISO VG 68
Technical Data
Switches tube: brass max length=500mm
Connection: Brass G1/2” SW27; G3/4” SW32;  M20*1.5 M24*1.5
Nominal pressure: 1Bar max
Medium Temperature: 80 degree C
Float ball: plastic or Stainless steel
Level contact: normal Make / break contact
Operating voltage: level or thermal switches for 220Vac,
Thermal element: pt100,thermal contact
Thermal contact Hysteresis 1K , calibration +_2
Number of function: 3 max can be incorporated
Mounting position: vertical +_20
Max switches current : 0.5 A (level or thermal )
Max Switches capacity 50W/VA
Capacitance: 0.5pF
The life span of level contact  amount by max charging 1000k cycles, For the inductive load , capacitive load and lamp load, the life of contact will be reduced.
Thermal sensor Pt100, measuring current 1.0mA
Max current 7.0mA seif-heating coefficient E in c/mW in air