Magnetic Encoder MEI-30

Featured Product from Shanghai Yuanben Magnetoelectric Tech. Co., Ltd.

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YUANBEN’s magnetic encoder, just one type of non-contact absolute coders, uses a magneto-resistive effect to sense a change in magnetic field, then amplify the change using an amplifying circuit. A single chip then processes and outputs an analog or digital signal in an absolute position. The magnetic encoder is able to sense, measure and give information on its position within a 360° range without the need for a reference point. It can use an SSI synchronous serial communication interface for signal output or utilize CANopen or Profibus-DP for remote transmission.

Due to the magnetoelectric design, YUANBEN’s magnetic encoder features a shock, corrosion and stain resistance, stable performance and simple structure. Multiple mounting methods are available including clamping flange, synchronous flange, synchro-clamping flange, and through-hole. The outer diameter is optional: Φ28, Φ38, Φ48, Φ60.

  • The compact structure and magnetoelectric design allow the magnetic encoder to withstand the toughest industrial environments.
  • High precision, fully digital, no signal interference or zero drift.
  • 3.Baud rate and address code can be set using the dial switch or system software.
  • Resolution (P/R):4096.
  • Wide operating voltage range and low power consumption current.
  • Clamping or synchronous flange conforms to international structure standard.
  • CANopen communication protocol bus output with up to 110 stations


Technical Parameters
Output Code/Angle Reference output waveform
Resolution (P/R) 1024-4096
PNP Open Collector Output Output voltage: Min (power voltage-1.5) VDC, Load current: Max:80mA
N PN Open Collector Output Load current Max :80mA Residual voltage Max:1VDC
Differential Output Load current Max: ± 80mA
Residual voltage Max:0.4Vdc
Voltage Output Voltage≥85%Vin, low level≤0.4 Vin, load current Max≤20mA
Push-Pull Output Voltage≥85%Vin, low level≤0.4Vin, load current Max≤60mA
Response Time ?rise/drop? ≤1us
Response Frequency 200 kHz
Power Voltage 5Vdc±5%(P-P:Max.5%),10-30VDC±5%(P-P:Max.5%)
Current Max. 35mA (idle)
Insulation Resistance Min 100MΩ ( based on 500VDC)
Insulation Strength 750VDC 50/60Hz, maintain 60s (between terminal and housing)
Connect Mode Lead out from back and side
Starting Torque Max: 5x10-3 N.m
Inertia Moment 9.8X10-8 kg.m2
Axle Load Radial 20N, axial 10N
Axle Position Deviation Radial: 50.1 mm • axial: 50.2mm
Maximum Permissible Speed 3000rpm
Ambient Temperature -10°C ~ +70°C
Storage Temperature -25°C ~ +85°C
Ambient Humidity 35%~85%
Degree of Protection IP65
Cable Shielded wire, 0.5M length
  • Robot industry
  • Automobile industry
  • Precision machinery
  • Metallurgy industry
  • Industrial automation
  • Servo motor
  • Heavy duty crane or transport machinery in ports and construction sites
  • Speed measurement and power transmission of construction machinery
  • Automatic production lines and conveyers