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Magnetic Multi-pole Ring - MDR20-P44

Featured Product from Shanghai Yuanben Magnetoelectric Tech. Co., Ltd.

Magnetic Multi-pole Ring - MDR20-P44-Image

MDR20-P44B magnetic drum is made of bonded multi-pole magnet;  it is used in a wide variety of speed and commutation applications such as to rotary encoders, speedometers and machine controls. Three standard grades of magnetic materials are offered to fulfill a broad spectrum of magnetic field requirements along with a high resistance to demagnetization. Combined with a Nylon polymer binder, they offer excellent dimensional control and tough environmental endurance. Multi-pole rotors can be modified to have other pole patterns, custom compounded binders, or metal inserts for specialized applications.
Rugged, chip free construction
Wide range of pole counts
Three grades of magnetic materials
High resistance to demagnetization
Operation from -40 to 125 degrees C
Well suited for general industrial environments
Aluminum hub with set screw
Data Sheet of Magnetic Drum
Dimension of magnet (mm): Dia. 32, inner dia. 24, thickness 1.6
Pole number: 44
Br (mT):240
Hcj (kA/m):228
(BH)max (MGOe):1.4
Bs (mT):69
Magnetic pole angle uniform rate:5%
Surface magnetic field uniform rate:Less 25mT
Flexural Strength (MPa):189
Flexural modulus (GPa):15.8
Tensile Strength (MPa):102
Dimension tolerances of the magnetic drum:Less 0.15mm
Shape of the position tolerances:Less 0.1mm
Dimension of Aluminum hub

Mounting Thread (axle hole)

Magnetic pole magnetic field distribution