Platinum Resistance Temperature sensors ?TSP-034?

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1. Description

Yuanben is dedicated to manufacture a line of high precision Platinum resistor temperature sensors, which are made of imported Platinum film or wire-wound.
Yuanben can manufacture various TSP temperature sensors with different platinum film (Grad A/B) and wire-wound platinum resistor, stainless steel housing and mounting method as per client’s request.
For special request, please contact our Technical Dept.(such as standard Pt200/Pt300 /Pt500 )

2. Features and Applications

1. wide measuring range, good resistance interchangeability and stability, high degree of accuracy and precision, good linearity, fast response, excellent shock resistance and high temperature resistance; 
2. Various temperature dividing and diverse installation method, simple and beautiful appearance ; 
3. Stainless steel sealing, good performance of shock resistance, stretch resistance, damp proof and water proof.?
It can be widely used in many fields in the industry and in household equipment for temperature measurements, such as home appliances (ovens, refrigerators, air-conditioner) cars (engine, car interior), processing industries (plastic, food, chemical, car, electronics industries), domestic and industrial heating facilities.
3. Technical Parameters
Main Technical Parameters for TSP-034 Platinum Resistance Temperature Sensor
Pt 1000/ Pt 100 Temperature Sensor parameter
Items:Pt 100 Technical Parameter
Value of Resistance?0°C?:100Ω
Testing Temp. Range:-30°C?250°C
Testing Temp. Accuracy:Grade A, or Grade B?see attached table 1?
Operating Current:2mA max, self heating tolerance1°C 1mA recommended
Time Constant:<0.5S? 20mm Outer Dia.?
Linearity:±0.1-at 30~125°Cfull range or ±2.0 at 55°C~300°Cfull range
Basic Resistance and Interchangeability R0±ΔR0:1000±1Ω@0°Cor1000±2Ω@0°C
Self Heating:Typical<15mw/°C
Stability:Better than 0.25°C/Y, for fixed ambient , 0.05°C/Y
Long-term Stability:R0 drifting≤ 0.04?(500°C?after 1000H)
Anti-vibration Grade:>40g (10—2000Hz)
Shock Resistance Grade:At 500°C, >l00g accelerated speed (8 5mS after wave)
Testing Current:0.3-Max 1mA .
Insulation Resistance:>100MΩ? at 20°C >2MΩ,  >50MΩ/50VDC at 25 °C