Safety switches used in Safety machine guarding

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MPSS non-contact magnetic safety switch, widely used in industrial safety interlocking system, adopts PPS engineering plastic housing protection class reaches IP67 , stable and reliable performance. At the same time can be customized for customization special requirements of non-contact code type magnetic safety switch, according to customer requirements to determine the electrical wiring and wire length, stainless steel shell material, etc.





  • Good impact and vibration resistance, suitable for harsh application environments.
  • The engineered plastic PPS housing is strong and durable.
  • No mechanical wear, long service life.
  • Protection level reaches IP67.
  • The compact and simple design of the square allows for quick installation, and the plug- with cable for integrated for flexible installation.
  • Working distance: safe close range Sao: up to 7mm ; Safe cutoff range Sar : up to 20mm



  • guards where additional security required
  • Food and Beverage packing/filling systems
  • Dairy Pharmaceutical Paper Industry
  • Can Forming and Filling, ( Aluminum, Steel, Plastic)
  • Semi-conductor Manufacture/Assembly.
  • Important position monitoring
  • Protective device monitoring, such as injection molding machine, machining center.
  • Key laboratory, test measurement
  • industries or places of door fixer,



  • Optional Plastic and stainless steel material available.
  • Optional safety switches return circuits 2 and switch types N.O and N.O available
  • Optional electrical wiring and wire length or wire M8 (M12) connector available.
  • Detecting safe distance 8mm, 7mm, 5mm, 12mm can be selected.
  • Protection level IP67, IP68 and IP 69.
  • We provide RFSS non-contact safety switches with RFID technology.