Coated and Uncoated Splicing Tapes

Product Announcement from Sheldahl - A Multek Brand

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Splicing Tapes: Coated or Uncoated Belt Splicing Tapes for Increased Joint Reliability at an Affordable Cost

Through market focus and attention to our customers' needs, Sheldahl has developed a complete line of tapes for butt splicing abrasive materials with built-in quality and reliability for which the Sheldahl name has become renowned. Incorporating our original concept of unidirectionally laid yarns and proprietary adhesives, we have become the market leader for splicing tapes utilized on all types of abrasive belts, from the most coarse to the finest grits.

From home use to major industrial applications, the thickness, strength and flexibility of the abrasive belt splice are paramount. Sheldahl's splicing tape technology meets tomorrow's needs by offering increased joint reliability which results in reduced costs and happier customers.

Over the last 25 years the backers of coated abrasives have been continually evolving. Polyesters, cotton/polyester blends, rayon and polyester film have been added to the old standards of cotton and paper to meet the demands and challenges of increasingly severe end uses.

With these backer changes have come more stringent splice specifications and increased popularity of the butt splice verses the lap. Sheldahl has been closely involved with meeting these requirements, developing for example, a broad line of unidirectional tapes to meet the challenges. With proper tapes and adhesives, the butt gives a thinner, stronger and more flexible joint.

When a tape carries the Sheldahl name, it has been manufactured to our statistically controlled processes totally within the physical confines of Sheldahl. We have identified that internal control of all processes are key to satisfying your high requirements.

This level of control means ongoing investment in capital and development. Our complete in-house capability means we can respond quickly to customer needs.

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