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Bexkom pass 2023 ISO9001

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In 2019, Bexkom passed the strict audit of NQCC, a well-known authoritative certification company in China. The audit process lasted nearly 3 months. Finally, we passed the ISO9001 certification for the first time and obtained the certificate. The scope of certification includes R&D, production and sales of connectors and data cables.

 In order to pass the audit of NQCC, Bexkom Company has formulated strict production process and technological process, established a special document control center, set up a special internal audit team, updated and improved all program documents, process documents, record forms, etc. Etc., formulated the corresponding quality policy, quality objectives, customer satisfaction objectives and so on. At the same time, we have hired professional counseling institutions and tutors to conduct strict training and assessment for all employees of the company, from management to ordinary employees, and keep all training records and assessment results. In September 2019, NQCC conducted a 3 days strict audit on our company. After discovering some problems, it went through nearly 3 months of rectification work, and finally passed the rectification in early January 2020 and obtained the China Quality Supervision. The certificate issued by the committee is valid for 3 years. At the same time, during the three years from 2020 to 2022, NQCC will go to the company every year to conduct annual supervision and audit as required. Fortunately, we all passed.

 At the beginning of 2023, the old ISO9001 certificate has expired. According to the national regulations, it needs to be fully re-examined. At the same time, the national requirements for ISO9001 have also been updated a lot. We need to pass the big test again to meet the new requirements of ISO9001. Thanks to the previous foundation, we have confidence in this audit. Even though we still need to do a lot of updates and rectifications on products, processes, and process documents, we once again hired external consultants to conduct audits on all employees of our company. After detailed counseling and training, we have done a lot of internal audit and internal rectification work. At the same time, we have added more detailed requirements to some of the existing details, so that our process can fully meet the requirements of ISO9001. It is more in line with the requirements of enterprises and customers for product quality.

After 2 days from January 3rd to 4th, 2023, we were lucky enough to pass the audit again, and received a new certificate issued by the state on January 23, 2023.