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Mixed power & signal connector for medical device

Featured Product from Shenzhen Bexkom Electronics Co., Ltd.

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With more and more stand-alone functions of medical equipment, the precision requirements of product performance are getting higher and higher, and the requirements of new medical equipment for their connectors have also changed from traditional multiple connectors for separate transmission to new multiple connectors. Functional single connector to transmit signal and power, even some high-definition coaxial signals, or some high-speed connectors with high speed requirements.  It is precisely because Bexkom is aware of this huge market potential that it immediately puts forward a corresponding market strategy. Bexkom will invest more teams and resources, recommend professional product lines and professional technical teams for medical custom connectors, and invest heavily in research and development. To meet the needs of customers in this regard. It is expected that in the next few years, this market will become the main growth direction of Bexkom.