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Precision RF Coax Connectors

Featured Product from Shenzhen Bexkom Electronics Co., Ltd.

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Discover the cutting-edge world of RF coax connectors with our precision-engineered products, exemplified by the compact MMCX series. These connectors redefine signal transmission by minimizing signal loss, especially in critical applications such as mobile locomotive image signal transmission, precision equipment interconnections, base station signal transmission, and communication equipment interfaces.

Key Features:

  1. High Precision Manufacturing: Our connectors are crafted with the utmost precision, achievable only through advanced CNC equipment and casting technology.

  2. Compact Design: The MMCX series stands out for its remarkably small size, making it ideal for applications where space is a premium.

  3. Low Signal Loss: Experience superior signal integrity and minimal loss, ensuring optimal performance in the most demanding environments.


  • Mobile Locomotives: Perfect for transmitting image signals in the dynamic and space-constrained environment of mobile locomotives.

  • Precision Equipment: Facilitates signal transmission between high-precision equipment, maintaining data integrity in critical operations.

  • Base Station Transmission: Ensures reliable signal transmission in base stations, supporting seamless communication networks.

  • Communication Equipment Interfaces: Tailored for the unique requirements of communication equipment interfaces, delivering consistent and high-quality signal transfer.

Engineers involved in product selection or development should take note of our precision RF coax connectors, designed to meet the challenges of modern signal transmission. Upgrade your connectivity solutions with our high-end products for unparalleled performance.