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Machining and Molding PTFE Parts

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PTFE has a distinctive profile that makes it one of the most precious and flexible materials available for engineering.

Properties and Performance of PTFE

    • Biological inertness
    • Flexibility at low temperatures and thermal stability at high temperatures
    • Non-flammability
    • Chemically resistant – all normal solvents, acids, and bases
    • Excellent weatherability
    • Low dielectric constant and low dissipation factor
    • Excellent insulating properties
    • Low dynamic coefficient of friction
    • Non-stick, easy to clean
    • Broad working temperature range -180°C (-292°F) to 260°C (500°F)

PTFE properties are often enhanced using a variety of fillers creating a PTFE compound, such as a 15% or 25% glass filled PTFE, to improve wear resistance, increase part stability, and improves creep strength and reduce deformation under load in comparison with virgin grade PTFE. PTFE resin does not flow when it melts and cannot be injection molded. The best method is molding and machining.

Whether the project is a micro PTFE component for electronics or a large size gasket for the Oil & Gas industry, we have the know how and rich skills to provide stable quality and accurate service. On precision machining parts, we have experience in valve seats; seals; insulators; bushings; piston rings; bellows and custom make precision components.