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PTFE Ball Valve Seats

Featured Product from Shenzhen Dechengwang Technology Co., Ltd

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A ball valve seat is an important component of a ball valve. The seat provides a surface for the ball to contact and seal against. The seat also helps guide the ball in the proper position to ensure proper valve operation. 


The ball valve seat helps to distribute seating stress equally and is usually soft sufficient to adapt to the shape of the ball, resulting in a solid seal.
Low friction, adequate ductility to produce a dependable seal, good stress rebound, high stiffness, and great wear resistance

DCW PTFE Ball Valve Seats Designed for Your Application

    • Extreme Toughness
    • Excellent Wear Resistance
    • Excellent heat resistance
    • Chemical resistance
    • Wide range of Materials Available

Due to its extremely low friction and high chemical compatibility across a wide range of chemical types, PTFE seats frequently rank towards the top of the list as a ball valve material. It comes in a variety of FDA-approved grades and is non-contaminating.

PTFE, PEEK, TFM, PCTFE, Acetal, Vespel, and other thermoplastics are commonly used for ball valve seats. We offer PTFE seats, PEEK seats according to your material selection.