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PTFE Insulator

Featured Product from Shenzhen Dechengwang Technology Co., Ltd

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The superior dielectric properties especially at high radar and microwave frequencies makes PTFE widely used as an insulation material. PTFE also works in a wide temperature from -180°C to 260° C.

PTFE is capable of much higher temperatures than many other materials.

It is classed as a high performance substitute over weaker and lower melting point polyethylene.

Why Order PTFE Teflon® Insulators from Us?

Dechengwang PTFE PEEK materials is incredible for insulation, which is used to insulate and provide the maximum performance that lasts for years to come. With 10 years of manufacturing experience, we provide custom PTFE parts compressed and sintered to form useful shapes. This is assured by all standard equipment, including the most advanced CNC machining equipment. We have already served the following industries:

  • Telecommunications
  • Electronics & Semiconductors
  • Automotive
DCW PTFE Teflon® Insulators Designed for Your Application
  • Ultimate precision
  • Highest dielectric strength
  • Reliable quality to fit for high requirement
  • Good dimensional stability