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PTFE Tip Seal used for Scroll Compressors

Featured Product from Shenzhen Dechengwang Technology Co., Ltd

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The Tip seal made of PTFE compound  is R&D by Dechengwang Team. It has been widely used in scroll air compressors in Automotive A/C, a advenced material.

Compared with PPS or PA, PTFE compound tip seal has excellent performance when work.

    • Lower friction coefficient;
    • Wider temperature resistance: -190°C ~ 260°C
    • Dimensional stability, smaller thermal ·deformation
    • Good sealing
    • Chemical stability
    • High assembly efficiency
    • Noise reduction


Seal Shape: Scroll

A right material for your seal makes the difference performing.  Dechengwang, as fluoropolymer experts, our team can help you choose the right material, PTFE seals, PEEK seals. Continuous in-house research and development in the field of ultra-high-strength thermoplastic composite materials provides solutions for even the most demanding application requirements.


Why Order PTFE Teflon® Seals from Us?

Have you tried standard seal profiles and found that they aren't quite right? Or are you tried with the standard seals? 
In Dechengwang, We can adapt existing profiles or design custom profiles for you. Our service is tailored to your needs - your seals, your application, your schedule and your business.