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PTFE balls in Valves

Featured Product from Shenzhen Dechengwang Technology Co., Ltd

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A ball valve is made up of the valve’s body, body cap, stem, hollow ball, and spherical ball valve seat. We provide high-quality, certified, and FDA-approved PTFE balls to meet all your industry requirements and demands.

Our PTFE Balls are ideal for commercial applications that need a neutral, corrosion-resistant sphere with the cleanliness, relative density, and excellent thermal stability spectrum that only PTFE can give.

PTFE Ball Advantages & Application

  • Wide temperature range of operation
  • Chemical resistance to the most caustic liquids or gases
  • The coefficient of friction is quite low.
  • PTFE balls are utilized in chemical handling pumps, check valves, ball bearings for mild loads, volume displacement balls for chemical baths, and a variety of other purpos