Battery Pack Vent

Featured Product from Shenzhen Milvent Technology Co., Limited

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Block ingress of wide range of contaminants,from rain and insects to dirt,dust,sand and other,particulates,best to use under the tough environment.

IP 67,IP68,IP69K and -40°C to +125°C operating temp.range

Installing on the side/Vertical face of enclosures is effective for outdoor use.

Breather plug with aluminum cover and specially-designed internal valve and venting filter inside,The filter venting always make the pressure equilibrium and protects your enclosure.The valve opens to release high pressure when a failure conditions of battery pack,or rapidly heating in Gearbox,or Tank,Container.,etc.

It is especially recommended for Battery Pack EV,Gearbox,Powertrain,Oil Tank,Chemcial Container,Seal Enclosure with battery.,etc.


  • EV Battery Pack
  • Powertrain
  • Assembly
  • Gas Tank