METAL AL M12X1.5 Breather Plug

Featured Product from Shenzhen Milvent Technology Co., Limited

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  • Breather Plug
  • Thread: M12X1.5 metal Vent Plug
  • Waterproof, IP66, IP67,IP68
  • Breatherable


Lighting, Solar, Telecom, Automotive,Agriculture. WIFI GPS. Outdoor Enclosure etc.

  • Code: MIV-12MA
  • Series: Metal Breather Plug
  • Spec: M12X1.5
  • Material: AL
  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: MILVENT
  • Model: m12x1.5


  • Pressure equalization and release in order to extend seal life
  • Prevent condensation
  • Block contaminants like dust, dirt and debris
  • Low cost Vent instead of traditional breather plug"