Metal Ventilation Cable Gland - IP66.IP67,IP68

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Pressure equalization elements - The reasons and the need for it:

Why is the high tightness of the boxes not always good?
Sealed enclosures IP66.IP67,IP68 are protected against water,other liquids,dust and moisture from the outside, but can not prevent the formation of condensation inside the product due to the temperature differences.Also,harmful electronics gas being saved inside of the device case.

During the working process the pressure and temperature level inside the box increases. When it cools down the pressure is reduced and the air starts to be sucked out. Upon reaching the ''dew point'' the condensation comes out which causes oxidation of the internal parts.
In addition, due to sudden temperature changes it leads to microcracks on the walls of the boxes.

Below Our Variety Ventilation Cable Gland Solve Condensation issue