Snap In Type Pressure Relief Breather Vent

Featured Product from Shenzhen Milvent Technology Co., Limited

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  • Protective Vents reliably block ingress of wide range of contaminants, from rain and insects to dirt, dust, sand and other particulates, and enable
  • water vapor molecules to diffuse through the microporous membrane, and pass freely out of the enclosure.
  • IP68 protection class (2 meters / 60 min.) and í40C to +125C operating temp. range. Best to use under the tough environment.
  • Installing on the side face of enclosures is effective for outdoor use

Snap in vent help electronic control units, sensors and motors perform more reliably in the harshest environments. They protect electronics from damaging dirt, water, automotive fluids and condensation, while the breathable Milvent Membrane reliably equalizes pressures to prevent seal stress.