ACA626T High Accuracy Digital 2-Axis Inclinometer

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General Description  

  ACA626T is a full temperature compensation & high precision dual-axis inclinometer which developed by Rion company based on high precision tilt angle platform ,the excellent temperature stability, can maintain higher measurement accuracy in a wide temperature range of -40-85 degrees environment, is more suitable for long-term monitoring and leveling of the field equipment. In addition the system built-in high-precision 24it A / D differential converter, meanwhile by 5 filtering algorithm, which can measure the output of the sensor tilt and pitch angle relative to the horizontal. The output interface RS485, RS232, TTL, PWM or CAN 2.0B optional.Non-contact installation features make ACA626T with superior system integration, Simply fix the sensor on the measured surface by screws , then can automatically calculate the object posture inclination, easy to use , no need to find the relative change two surfaces for mounting . With strong ability resistance to external electromagnetic interference and to withstand shock and vibration,in the domestic counterparts products with absolute competitive advantage, specialized in application in the industrial and military fields where the high-end user requirements.


  • Dual-Axis Inclinometer
  • Measuring Range :±1~±90° optional
  • Size:L92×W48×H36mm
  • Wide voltage input: 9~36V
  • Wide temperature working: -40~+85°C   
  • IP67 protection class
  • High Resolution: 0.001°
  • Water-proof air-plug 
  • Highly anti-vibration performance >2000g
  • Output mode RS232;RS485;RS422;TTL;CAN 2.0 are optional 


  • Engineering vehicles automatic leveling           
  • Bridge & dam detection       
  • Laser equipment position                         
  • Medical facilities angle control                
  • Underground drill posture navigation               
  • Railway gauging rule , gauge equipment leveling               
  • Precise machine tool level control                 
  • Geological equipment inclined monitoring
  • Directional satellite communications antenna pitching angle measurement