AHRS MEMS Attitude and Heading Reference System

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AH200C is a high performance AHRS (Mini AHRS) with low price, can be widely used in aircraft model, unmanned aerial vehicles, robots and other high homeostasis electromechanical devices. The device through collecting sensor data and fusion Kalman filter, output real-time gesture data, because of using three-axis accelerometer and three-axis magnetic sensor to assist the three-axis gyroscope and  temperature compensation algorithm technology, making the product to achieve full posture excellent stability and instantaneity, it is widely used in all kinds of sports attitude monitoring fields. The product not only can output attitude data, throught modifying the system parameters, but also can output the raw data of sensor like Physical quantities, quaternion, etc , meanwhile can modify the system running period to facilitate a variety of interfaces , use flash IAP (in application program) technology , according to the user needs, to keep the user's parameters after power off can still remember, in favour of user's secondary development .


?Integrated nine axis sensor and temperature sensor    

?Multiple intelligent acceleration and gyro cross interference algorithm

?High performance drift stability       ?Low noise                 ?Light weight

?Long life, strong stability             ?Highly cost-effective        ?Excellent vibration performance

?50Hz updated rate                  ?Compact and lightweight design

?TTL/RS232 output optional           ?Wide temperature working: -40 ~ +85°

?DC+5V power supply                ?Real time 3D dynamic measurement


? Military & Industry        ?Navigation                     ?Car Navigation

?Platform stability          ?The human body to capture      ?Remote control helicopter        ?Truck mounted satellite    ?Industry control                 ?Robot          

?Instrument equipment     ?GPS combination       ?Camera steady

?3D Virtual reality          ?Ship electronic needle error compensation related to tilt