DMI850 digital inclinometer-super accuracy

Featured Product from Shenzhen Rion Technology Co., Ltd

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DMI850 is one Single axis Digital Inclinometer developed by RION company based on high precise angle
measurement platform, it adopts the quartz pendulum slice of the earth's gravity induction component to
solve the object level tilt angle. The built-in 32 bit microprocessor and collocation 32 bit high precision
analog-to-digital converter, can highly subdivision sampling for the front weak current current and signal
ratio of inclination , can meet the highest level accuracy of 0.001 degrees, the resolution is up to 0.0002
degrees. With Built-in large capacity rechargeable battery, continuous working time up to 6 hours?It can
perform on-site data playback and chart analysis, and is the best instrument for high-precision platform
leveling and measurement.
  • Best accuracy<0.001°
  • angular resolution?0.0005°
  • IP54 protection class
  • Maximum measurement range?±30°
  • Absolute / relative measurement switchable
  • data storage function
  • Both side and bottom can be measured
  • working temperature -10°? +70?
  • Double benchmark strong magnet installation
  • Alarm angle can be set
  • Automatic angle interpolation compensation function
  • Night vision four color screen
  • Customers can calibrate the zero point by themselves
  • Angle or length double unit switch
  • 3 kinds of measurement mode selectable (radian, angle, mm)
  • Building construction
  • Automotive four-wheel inspection
  • Road slope
  • Mechanical installation
  • Pipe installation
  •  Industrial platform
  • Pan-tilt angle detection
  • Turntable detection ? Production fixture ? Medical instruments