GI550 IMU inertial measurement unit

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GI550 is a tactical-level inertial and integrated navigation system built by the company, which is calibrated precisely in full temperature range to meet the performance requirements under different conditions. The data fusion is realized by the built-in navigation computer, outputting the accurate carrier attitude, azimuth, position, speed and sensor data in real time. 


  • Gyro zero bias instability 1°/h a
  • accelerometer deviation 1mg (2g range)
  • IMU, VG, GI mode
  • vehicle, flight mode, ship, heave mode optional 


  • High-speed train measurement and control system in vehicle navigation and measurement system
  • Surveying and mapping POS systems marine and underwater surveying flight control for ships and marine engineering
  • Dynamic communication attitude unit
  • Vehicle navigation, measure and control system
  • Mapping POS system
  • Ships and Marine Engineering
  • Marine and underwater mapping flight control 

Marketing orientation
GI550 is designed for vehicle/onboard general inertia and integrated navigation products, target market

  • Dynamic communication
  • Vehicle navigation
  • Dynamic attitude measure