HCA510T inclinometer with 1-axis voltage output

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General Description 

HCA510T is a high accuracy single axis inclinometer with analog voltage output,small measuring range and the highest precision up to 0.003 °, it is one of the few high-precision inclinometers in mainland. It is mainly used to measure the inclination of the object with respect to the horizontal plane , built-in micro solid pendulum ,by measuring the static gravity field changes then convert into inclination change, the changes in mode output voltage (0-5V).The internal use high-resolution differential digital-to-analog converter, by the internal MCU system secondary linearity and temperature correction, the customer no need to do a secondary linearity correction, meanwhile also reducing the error caused by environmental changes on the accuracy of the product.

This product uses non-contact measurement principle, can real-time output current posture inclination?Simple to use, and no need to retrieve the relative changed surface to install.Latest MEMS higher technology production, high-precision, small size, strong resistance to external electromagnetic interference ability, the ability to withstand shock and vibration. It is the ideal choice for industrial equipment, platform measuring attitude!


  • Single-Axis Inclinometer                         
  • Measuring Range :±1~±90° optional
  • Accuracy: refer to the technical data               
  • Wide voltage input: 9~36V     
  • Output interface :0~5V                          
  • Wide temperature working: -40°C+85°C
  • IP67 protection class                           
  • Highly anti-vibration performance >2000g            
  • High Resolution: 0.001°                         
  • Small Volume : L90mm×W50mm×H33mm(customized) 


  • Engineering vehicles automatic leveling           
  • Bridge & dam detection       
  • Aerial platform vehicle,lifter safety & protection     
  • Medical facilities angle control                
  • Underground drill posture navigation 
  • Railway gauging rule , gauge equipment leveling 
  • Based on the angle direction measurement
  • Geological equipment inclined monitoring
  • Directional satellite communications antenna pitching angle measurement
  • Mining machinary , oil-well drilling equipment       
  • Equipment level control    
  • Alignment control , curve control