IMU560 Combined Inertial Navigation System

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product description

The IMU560 series is a GPS/INS integrated navigation system built by RION.the inertial measurement unit (IMU) is precision calibrated throughout the temperature range to meet performance requirements in different environments. The multi-data Kalman filter fusion algorithm is realized by a built-in navigation computer, and outputs real-time accurate carrier posture, heading information, three-dimensional position and velocity information, and various inertial device information. The appearance is exquisite, the structure is small, the installation is convenient, the use is flexible, and the operation is more stable and reliable.


Product positioning

  • The IMU560 series is positioned as a vehicle/shipborne general inertial and integrated navigation product
  •  target market:
  • moving through
  • Car navigation
  • Dynamic attitude measurement

Product Features

  • Gyro bias instability 10°/h (Allan Variance)
  • Accelerometer deviation 1.7mg (less than 2g range)

Application range

  • Moving attitude unit                  
  • Car navigation and measurement and control system
  • High-speed train measurement and control system             
  • Ship and ocean engineering
  • Surveying and mapping POS system     
  • Ocean and underwater mapping     
  • Flight control