LCA328T Inclinometer-Current Output Dual-axis

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General Description

The LCA328T series inclinometer developed by Rion is dual axes MEMS inclinometer. Due to the latest built-in MEMS production technology inclination unit, it achieves small size, long distance transmission can up to over 2000 Meters, strong ability of resisting external electromagnet interference, capable of long-term working in the industry harsh environment.

This product adopts the non-contact measuring principle, can output the real-time current attitude angle, simple to use, no need to find the two sides of a angle. It is a ideal choice for Industrial automation control and platform measuring attitude.



  • Dual-Axis Inclinometer
  • Measuring range±0°~±90° optional
  • Accuracy: refer to the technical data 
  • Wide voltage input: 9~36V 
  • Output mode: 4~20mA
  • Wide temperature working: -40 ~ +85°C
  • IP67 protection class
  • Highly anti-vibration performance >3500g
  • Resolution: 0.1°
  • Small Volume : 55×37×24mm(customized)


  • Electric blind man chair leveling                 
  • Cloud deck operating monitor
  • Satellite antenna positioning                   
  • Medical equipment leveling
  • Car Chassis Measurement                     
  • Four - wheeled positioning system
  • engineering mechanical measurement of dip angle