SCA120T Inclinometer (Dual Axis Voltage Output)

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General Description

SCA120T is a dual axis inclinometer with analog voltage output,can simultaneously output the inclination of the two direction axes, the user simply collecting the inclinometer voltage value then can calculate the inclination of the current object,Built-in (MEMS) micro solid pendulum ,by measuring the static gravity field changes, changes in mode output voltage (0-5V). Mainly used to measure the inclination of the object with respect to the horizontal plane.

This product uses non-contact measurement principle, can real-time output current posture inclination,Simple to use, and no need to retrieve the relative changed surface to install.Latest MEMS inclinometer productive technology production, high-precision, small size, strong resistance to external electromagnetic interference ability, the ability to withstand shock and vibration. It is the ideal choice for industrial equipment, platform measuring attitude!


  • Dual-Axis Inclinometer                               
  • Measuring Range : ±1~±90° optional
  • Accuracy : refer to the technical data                   
  • Wide voltage input: 9~36V     
  • Output interface :0~5V                              
  • Wide temperature working: -40~+85°C
  • IP67 protection class                                 
  • Highly anti-vibration performance >2000g            
  • Resolution: 0.01°                                   
  • Small Volume : 90×40×26mm(customized)  


  • Engineering vehicles automatic leveling                 
  • Bridge & dam detection       
  • Aerial platform vehicle,lifter safety & protection           
  • Medical facilities angle control   
  • Underground drill posture navigation                     
  • Shield pipe jacking application                 
  • Based on the angle direction measurement               
  • Geological equipment inclined monitoring               
  • Equipment level control                                 
  • Alignment control , curve control
  • Directional satellite communications antenna pitching angle measurement
  • Mining machinary, oil-well drilling equipment