SCA126T tilt sensor(dual-axis digital output)

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General Description

SCA126T is a serial output dual-axis inclinometer launched by RION company to the field of industrial control, built-in high-precision A / D differential converter, through 5 filtering algorithm, which can measure the angle of sensor output relative to the horizontal tilt and pitch tilt. The output interface RS485, RS232, RS422, TTL, CAN?MODBUS are optional.

Because of Built in ADI company’s high precision digital temperature sensor that can correct the sensor temperature drift in accordance with the changes of the built-in temperature sensor, to ensure high repeatability of the product in the low-temperature and high-temperature environment. The output frequency response standards up to 18Hz, for higher response frequency Division we can customize according to the user requests. The products are truly industrial-grade products, reliable performance, scalability, and a variety of output options. Suitable for a variety of harsh industrial control environment.


  • Dual-Axis Inclinometer                           
  • Measuring Range :±1~±90° optional
  • Accuracy: refer to the technical data                 
  • Wide voltage input: 9~36V     
  • Wide temperature working: -40°C+85°C             
  • Resolution: 0.01°   
  • IP67 protection class                            
  • Highly anti-vibration performance >2000g                       
  • Direct lead cable interface                          
  • Small size :90×40×26mm(customized)
  • Output mode RS232/RS485/RS422/PWM/CAN (optional)


  • Satellite positioning Search                         
  • Rail-mobile monitoring   
  • engineering mechanical measurement of dip angle    
  • oil-well drilling equipment    
  • Radar detection of vehicle platform                  
  • Underground drill posture navigation   
  • Gun Barrel angle measurement in early shooting 
  • Based on the angle direction measurement       
  • Satellite communications vehicle posture detection   
  • Shield pipe jacking application
  • Ship’s navigation posture measurement             
  • Geological equipment inclined monitoring